Rod and Hywel

Rod met Hywel two years ago and realized they had a mutual interest in music. When Hywel discovered that Rod wrote songs and had a small demo studio he asked if they could write a song together which he could present to his wife, Cathy to say thank you for her love and support during his battle against cancer. They went on to write five songs together before Hywel sadly passed away in July 2012.

Donna Lewis

Hywel was an ambassador for the cancer charity Tenovus and contacted Donna Lewis who had once sung in a band in which he played drums.
Cathy’s song “Always It’s You” was recorded by Donna with Gerry Leonard on guitars. Trevor Horn graciously produced it and Bob Ludwig mastered the track. All involved gave their time free of charge for Hywel and Tenovus.

The song was also featured in a Wales This Week television programme by Greg Lewis about Hywel’s battle entitled Do Not Go Gently.